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Digital Portfolio

Thanks for showing interest in my digital portfolio! I am continually growing my portfolio and adding work. 

Beyond the work on this page, my website, blog, and social media profiles linked at the top of the page are other great examples of my digital work! 

To view my digital media resume, view the document to the right!


Sample Newsletter

Newsletter example of why carivore conservation is important.  Created with Canva. Click to view entire document. 

newsletter pg 1.png
newsletter pg 2.png
Photo Integration of Airpods on iPhone

Photo Integration

This photo I took for a Documentary Photography class. This photo is using the photographic style of photo integration, which incorporates one digital image into the background of the final shot.

Emerald Ash Borer Infographic

I created this Instagram story in response to a previous question I asked on my story about tree bark degradation. My followers responded with what was causing it; Emerald Ash Borers! I researched them further and made this infographic to share with others. 

Emerald Ash Borer Infographic
Rock Skipping at Hoosier National Forest, Indiana

Hoosier National Forest, Indiana 

I took this photo in Hoosier National Forest for a Documentary Photography class. This photo demonstrates the photographic principle of Decisive Moment, which requires a shot to be taken at just the right time with all aspects of the image in alignment. 

School for Field Studies Blog Post

I created a blog post called "A Dream Come True" for the School for Field Studies  In the Field  Blog about my experience at Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. 

sustainable fashion.png

Sustainable Fashion Flyer

I created this flyer to educate H&M employees about sustainable fashion practices through videos and podcasts, linked through a QR code.  Click to view entire flyer.

Sustainability Fair Save the Date

I designed this flyer for the Waukesha County Green Team. I met with them, discussed their marketing needs, and designed the flyer to their liking and preferences.

CSL Unit Social Bowling Night.png

Bowling Flyer

This flyer was designed with a target audience of college students. The design is more simple with relaxed text/language.

Break Room Sustainability

I created this flyer to educate H&M Employees on  tips to be more eco-conscious while at work, specifically in the break room. 

sustainability in breakroom copy.png

Conservation Newsletter Sample

This flyer was created for a class project aiming to target conservation organizations and the general public.  

This newsletter is a sample and is not an actual conservation project taking place. 


stay tuned for more content!

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