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Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

What do vegans eat for breakfast? That’s easy! The same as you do!

A vegan diet doesn’t mean you have to eliminate your favorite foods. All you have to do is find a substitute for them! Here’s a list of some vegan breakfast ideas that I love.



This is easy. Most bagels are vegan anyway. Just read the ingredients to make sure. Just look towards the bottom of the ingredient list to the “CONTAINS: WHEAT, SOY” area and make sure it doesn’t say milk or eggs.


Thomas’ (my go-to), Sara Lee (all except “Soft & Smooth”), Trader Joe’s (plain and whole wheat), Cobblestone Bread Co.

*Other brands may be vegan too, so just check the ingredient list when shopping.


Peanut butter, butter (Earth Balance, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Vegan, olive oil/vegetable oil/soy based butter…), jelly, butter with cinnamon sugar on top, cream cheese (Daiya).


This is about as vegan as you can get (as long as you cook with water or plant-based milk and not cows milk).


cinnamon sugar, brown sugar, fruit.

*When you get oatmeal at a restaurant where you don’t know how it was made, just ask if there’s milk or any dairy in it.

Bananas on Toast

Toast (just check the ingredients of the bread because some has eggs or milk), put butter or peanut butter on it, then add banana slices. Done!


Again, most cereal is vegan. Just check the ingredients. Instead of milk, use almond, soy, cashew, or whatever plant-based milk is your favorite.

Banana Bread

Yep, vegan banana bread. And it’s really good. Super easy ingredients, too. Click here for the recipe.

Waffles and French Toast

If you want to make your own, there’s tons of  recipes online- just find one. Once I find one I like, I’ll do a separate post about it. But if you’d rather just pop some frozen ones in the toaster and call it good, you can do that too! I usually get the brand VANS.


Add your fruit, chia seeds, or whatever you like in your smoothie (no honey) and then put in some vegan milk and vegan yogurt. BOOM! All done.


Vegan yogurt- Silk, Stonyfield, So Delicious, soy/coconut/almond based yogurts.


Vegan eggs? Yeah, that’s a thing.

Now, there’s two ways to get vegan scrambled eggs.

Just Egg. The brand “Just” has all sorts of vegan things like mayo and ranch dressing. Just Egg looks like liquid egg and comes in a little bottle. All you do is squirt it into the pan and cook it. Just Egg’s main ingredient is mung bean, so it has a different taste than normal eggs. It’s not bad- it’s just different. I personally didn’t care for the mung bean, so to tone it down I add salt, pepper, onions, and peppers to my scrambled Just Egg.

Scrambled Tofu. Again, there’s a bunch of recipes online so you just have to find one you like. I’ve had scrambled tofu once before, but I prefer Just Egg.

Bakery Items

This is the hardest one to get vegan simply because there’s not a lot of options in grocery stores for vegan donuts or cinnamon buns. Therefore, these kinds of items are ones you’ll have to make at home. Again, just look up some recipes online. Share some with me that you like!

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