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20 Memories for my 20th Birthday

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

This post is not so much focused on travel, veganism, or conservation. Instead, it is focused on ME! This week I celebrated my 20th birthday and I wanted to reflect on some of my favorite memories I’ve had in the past 2 decades. Sooooo…. here are 20 highlights for 20 years! 


1. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is special to me because that’s the first time I found a sport I liked, which eventually led me to cheerleading! 

2. Cheerleading

This sport has been a part of my life for 6 years and has taught me more than just stunting and tumbling, but community involvement and friendship.

3. Africa

Since I can remember it’s been my dream to go to Africa. Studying abroad in Tanzania last summer gave me lifelong friends, family, unforgettable safaris, language and cultural immersion, and conservation knowledge. 

4. Mexico

Mexico was special because it was my first time flying and my first trip out of the US, and my first time in the Pacific Ocean!

5. Harley 

In 2006 we got Harley, our little teady bear puppy. We’ve been best friends since and have loved going on walks, taking naps, watching squirrels, chasing frisbees, hating bath time, swimming, opening presents and burying treats all over. And it’s been so cute to see her play with her friends, Jack, Pugsley, Josie, Kush, Jasper, Tucker, Teak, and Caesar!

6. Tucker

In 2018 we got Tucker, previously my cousin’s dog. He’s a special lil' chihuahua because he’s the first time we’ve ever had two dogs at once. Though he was shy and didn’t know how to play at first, he now has opened up and loves wiggling his butt, pawing our faces for attention, playing with Harley, napping, squeaking his toys, and rolling in the smoke of fires...and of course eating.

7. Cody 

My first dog I had from when I was born. Though I don’t remember much, I cherish the pictures of us together showing us together, camping, and sitting outside. 

8. Caesar This little Westie was my Aunt’s dog, but we watched him for a few months every year while she was on vacation, so he became family. He LOVED bouncy balls, burying treats, wearing clothes and boots, and rolling on perfume samples. 

9. High School High school was obviously memorable because, well, it’s high school. There’s so many memories just in this. Cheerleading, school dances, clubs, classes, graduation, and seeing who my real friends were.  

10. College

College was a hard transition at first, but also exciting because I met so many cool people and lots whom I share interests with! I had a roommate for the first time, joined clubs, and finally was in classes that I loved. 

11. Daytona

Daytona Beach is one of my favorite places to go because I’ve had so so many memories there. Boogie boarding, swimming, games at the hotel, building sandcastles, mini-golfing, going out to eat, having homemade donuts every day, shopping at Winn-Dixie, getting lunch at the beach vendor, and also having so many of my birthdays there! 

12. My Birthday Parties

Like a lot of little kids, birthday parties with your friends is always something to look forward to. With my birthday around Easter and in the spring, I had fun sleep-overs, Easter-egg hunts, and a Princess birthday party when I was really little. 

13. Summers At Home

Summer time was always so fun because of my neighborhood. I had 4 friends I hung out with all summer long which I always loved. We played in the creek and pond looking for frogs, had a club, rode bikes, jumped on the trampoline, swam in my pool all day, caught fireflies at night, and had fires and smores at night time. I’m so glad my childhood was filled with this stuff and not staring at a screen like kids now-a-days. 

14. Holidays 

Holidays, no matter what you specifically celebrate, are always fun! For me, I loved having Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day at my Aunt’s house, Christmas at my house, and random get-togethers with family throughout the year. 

15. Pool Parties

One of my relatives always had an end of the year pool party for kids in the neighborhood and ordered a ton of pizza and snacks. I played mermaids, Marco-Polo, and filled up a TON of water balloons and gloves to play with in the pool. 

16. Camping

We had a camper in the early 2000’s and I loved going to Yogi Bear’s. We always had a campsite right on the lake and we would also bring our fishing boat along and go for boat rides. When we weren’t camping, I remember playing with friends in the camper, sleeping in it at night, and taking it to the Fourth of July Parade and hanging out with family. 

17. Four Wheeling 

In the summer, we would always get together with my cousin Tyler and go four wheeling up north. There’s a lot of trails up north where we went and I remember always pulling up to a bar & grill to have lunch. We would all be so dusty afterwards, but then would go back to my cousin’s house for the rest of the weekend. 

18. Zoo 

Every summer, my dad’s work would have a picnic at the Milwaukee County Zoo, so going there to see and learn about wildlife was always a highlight since I love wildlife conservation.

19. Crafts 

Starting when I was little, my mom would always do crafts with me. Whether we were coloring crayon on rocks while camping or making snowmen decorations out of socks at home, she would always have something fun to do, which is where I get my craftiness from. 

20. Wildlife

Animals have always been my biggest passion. I’ve always been just very good with animals in a kind of indescribable way. I would help injured animals when I had the chance- I’ve rehabilitated butterflies and rescued opossums. I kept a journal of my wildlife interactions, and later became more involved in animal-related fields by volunteering at a humane society, working at a small animal veterinary clinic, and other random opportunities I had the chance to do. 


What I've noticed is that all of my highlights are the things I’ve done, whether with people, or in cool places. Work was never a highlight. I also notice I have no things. I dont put “getting an iPod for my birthday” as a memorable event. In all, this just prove that (for me, at least) experiences are more valuable than things. 

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